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Crafted Iced Tea Blends – Healthy into the summer!

AVANTCHA | Iced Tea Blog

AVANTCHA | Iced Tea Blog

Introducing new heart crafted tea blends to celebrate the International Iced Tea Month, a healthier choice than sugary fruit juices

The low calorie, zero sugar and abundant antioxidant benefits of iced tea offers a refreshingly healthy alternative to some fruit juices and sodas; re-evaluation of daily sugar intake required after dramatic rise of type 2 diabetes in children

Marching further into the hot season, the health benefits of opting for a refreshing iced tea over a sugary soda or fruit juice is certainly AVANTCHA’s focus.

According to a health report published on the BBC news website, the average four to 10-year old consumes up to 60.8 grammes of added sugar per day, rising to 74.2 grammes for 11 to 18 year olds, with a startling 30% of this sugar contained in soft drinks.

Concern is growing amongst parents, health educators, schools and governments regarding the obscenely high amounts of sugar readily available to our children in their favourite fruit juice pack or carbonated soft drink, and our AVANTCHA™ team is keen to flag the opportunity for parents to make the switch to an equally appealing but far healthier alternative – iced tea!

There’s much more to the humble cup of tea than most of us realize; not just the variety available, but the health benefits. Unsweetened ice tea is naturally low in calories, which can help you lose weight, and iced tea of any kind, is high in free-radical fighting antioxidants.

Introducing Mango Royale. This fine black tea is combined with sweet tropical mango fruit pieces, for a peppy yet sweet drink that is the ultimate late summer refresher.

Rush Hour Berry a flavorsome concoction of forest berry and roasted apple, this all-year tea is a breath of fresh air for your senses. The initial hit is sweet, with strawberry and blueberry dominating. The cranberry lingers on the palate and will have your mouth watering.

Tropical Rooibos is an instant powerfully floral aroma: a striking yet pleasant arousal of the senses. The natural passionfruit flavouring is subtle, but can be enhanced by a little sugar or lemon. Glowing amber when served, this is a wonderful variation on traditional rooibos.

Previously released and still iced-tea best sellers:

Apple Elderflower Cocktail created from apples and natural elderflower, it also features hibiscus, rosehip peel, jelly fruits, peppermint and sweet blackberry leaves.

“This is a favourite with kids as it has just the right amount of sweetness and an incredible fruity aroma”

Another popular iced tea option is Peach & Pear, an organic white tea that has hints of sunflower petals and white rose buds with a warm, sugary aftertaste.

The winner for digestion or shed some pounds is  Pu Erh Masala, a great choice for adults, with its compliment of Oriental spices featuring fennel, aniseed, licorice root, cardamom seeds, black pepper, cinnamon, ginger and cloves; steeping for 5 minutes, the licorice will release the sweet finish. This blend is the perfect digestive drink as the pu erh and the spices help digestion.

Tropical Green. For green tea drinkers with a love for all things fruity, Tropical Green is bursting with mouthwatering flavours. Infused with fresh pineapple pieces, delicate strawberry slices and the tropical freshness of peach. A perfect beverage to enjoy during the summer.

Organic Ginger Breeze. Our herbal blend bestseller; calming, yet bursting with zest, this refreshing mix of organic lemongrass and ginger is a winning combination. Complemented with peppermint which is wonderfully soothing, this organic herbal tea also features black pepper and hibiscus. A hint of licorice root for the sweet aftertaste and orange peel, this tea will calm the nerves and aid digestion with perfect ease.

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