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5 ways to achieve balance

reduce stress -

5 ways to achieve balance & reduce stress by AVANTCHA

The beginning of the year can be a stressful period. With new projects, assignments and ambitious goals, resolutions, KPIs and more. In an environment of endless pursuit and responsibilities, it is important to practice mindfulness and balance to help reduce stress and anxiety in your life.

A reminder to slow down and focus in stillness amidst stress and chaos is important for both mental and physical well-being. More importantly, balance has been linked to a higher level of happiness and is a necessary tool in reaching one’s potential.

  1. Slow down and reduce stress

Deep meditation and the art of slowing down has long been practiced by religious leaders and yoga gurus. The art of slowing down spans meditation, deep breathing, a walk outdoors, enjoying a hot cup of tea amongst many others. Through slowing down, mindfulness and an appreciation for the present moment is encouraged. Therefore, this helps to reduce stress and evoke feelings of calmness and balance.

  1. Practice gratitude

Start your day with words of gratitude for oneself. Be thankful for at least two things at the start and end off your day. Practicing gratitude allows you to recollect your energy and state of being to one of stillness and positivity. Reduced stress and anxiety have been linked to feelings of gratitude allowing one to live a more balanced and productive life.

  1. Tidy up

Following the philosophy behind the acclaimed ‘KonMari’ method of tidying up, mindful living starts from your home. Additionally, tidying up has also been linked to reduced stress, anxiety and a healthier emotional and mental well-being. Needless to say, living amidst mess and chaos can be stressful and frustrating.

  1. Breathe

Deep and long breaths have been proven to reduce stress and anxiety. Additionally, breathing properly has also been linked to cleaning your body of toxins and other detoxifying benefits. In essence, mindful breathing can help you lead a more productive life.

  1. Prioritize

Finally, being balanced boils down to prioritizing on what’s important. Scattering your to-dos and appointments among a variety of systems and trying to accomplish too many tasks in a day can be overwhelming.

Reduce stress and feelings of underachievement by deciding on a single, consistent planning system (paper, mobile app, iCal etc.) and record all your calls, appointments and to-dos. Be mindful and realistic with what you can accomplish. Conquering a pyramid of rocks than a mountain of sand is more productive!

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