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Staying healthy and hydrated during Ramadan

It’s no surprise that staying hydrated during Ramadan is important. In fact, it is recommended that women consume at least 2.2 litres and men consume 2.8 litres every day. Unsurprisingly, it’s because water makes up 60 to 70% of our body and hence any reduction in your water intake can affect your body’s cells and functions resulting in impaired day-to-day activities and capabilities.

Dehydration can cause undesirable effects such as headache, dizziness, tiredness, delusion and dry skin. Hence it is especially important during Ramadan to not only stay hydrated but also reducing feelings of thirst and hunger effectively.

Choose your liquids wisely

Besides staying hydrated, it is important to choose your liquids wisely.

Needless to say water is best drink to deal with thirst during Ramadan but if you are looking for a little more flavour, opt for tea instead of other soft drinks. Reducing your intake of unsweetened beverages is the best to deal with thirst during Ramadan because:

  • Unlike water and naturally flavoured teas, other drinks contain a lot of sugar and can result in you consuming extra unnecessary calories;
  • Drinking too much of the Ramadan drinks and other soft drinks will fill up your stomach and may delay your digestion process resulting in a lot of problems including gas, bloating, stomach pain, and weight gain
  • The sugar will inflate your blood pressure resulting in increased feelings of hunger cravings, pangs and subsequently delusion

Temperature Matters

Consuming cold or iced liquids can cause your blood vessels to contract and cause indigestion. For this reason, we recommend consuming your liquids at room temperature or slightly cold if you prefer to.

Tea clears toxins and helps to reduce hunger

A large component of tea is water and both play a significant role in weight loss and maintenance. This is because they have been known to get rid of toxins and reduce the feeling of hunger. This is why it is important to drink small quantities of water or tea throughout the night.

How to prevent getting thirsty during Ramadan

If you are worried about thirst and dehydration, we have for you a few tips that will help you stay hydrated during Ramadan and control your thirst during fasting. You should also know that that the food that you eat plays a major role in controlling your thirst while you are fasting:

  1. Consume at least eight glasses of water every day. If you are exercising in hot weather, you lose more fluids so make sure you drink more liquids.
  2. Avoid hot and spicy dishes as it increases thirst
  3. Limit your consumption of soft drinks, sweetened fruit juices and opt for water or tea without the sugar
  4. Do not add too much salt to salads and other dishes. Salt increases the body’s need for water as they cause water retention
  5. Eat fresh fruits and vegetables as they are rich in water and fiber; They stay in the intestines for a long time and reduce thirst.
  6. Avoid  consuming large quantities of water at a single instance. Instead, consume water throughout Iftar and Suhoor.

Hydrate and stay healthy with AVANTCHA’s curated collection of Ramadan tea gifts and seasonal flavours including Dates & Sandalwood and Rose White. For more information on our Ramadan collection, visit our page here (https://avantcha.com/ramadan/).

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