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Festive Tea-tails Recipes

We finalized the rounds of Free Tea Tastings this year, with a different and fun event, Tea Mocktails Soiree, hosted by our partner Intersect by Lexus in DIFC. Thank you to all who joined us. As promised, below are the most favorite recipes from last week.

Sparkling Tropical Rooibos

This one is the easiest of all and so very rewarding.

We’ve enjoyed cold brewing teas all summer long, because it’s easy, fuss-free and the end result is a clean, pure taste. To sparkle the infusion you’ll need a soda maker, we love Drink Mate from Bubble Pro.


  • 15g of Tropical Rooibos
  • 1L of cold water
  • optional – 10g of honey or any other preferred sweetener

Combine water with the tea in a large pitcher and store it in the fridge for at least 12 hours. If you decide to add sweetener, you can add it now too. After the brew time is over, discard the leaves.

Use the Soda Maker to carbonate to taste. Add eatable gold dust for an extra wow. We like to serve this in champagne flutes!

Tropical Chamomile

We like to give chamomile a facelift, take it out from the usual, “the-go-relaxing-drink”. Here is what you need.


  • 10g of Chamomile Blossoms
  • 200ml of boiling water
  • 100g of frozen pineapple, kiwi, mango
  • 5 spoons of chopped basil
  • preferred sweetener optional

Steep the chamomile blossoms in boiling water up to 30min. We want a strong infusion. Allow to cool down to room temperature. Once cold, mix the rest of the ingredients into a blender with additional one cup of ice. Blend well and it’s ready. Decorate with basil leaves.

Keemun Watermelon Tea-tail

A surprising combination of smokey Keemun Royal Mao Feng and refreshing watermelon.


  • 10g of Keemun Royal Mao Feng
  • 500ml of boiling water 
  • fresh watermelon chunks 
  • basil or mint leaves 
  • sweetener to taste

Steep the tea in the hot water with the desired sweetener for 5 min. Allow to cool off completely. Arrange ⅔ of a whiskey glass with watermelon, pour the sweet tea, decorate with with basil. 

Organic Chai Apple Fizz

We own the credits to this recipe to www.beginningwithbergamot.com. We replaced the champagne with soda water, but you can totally switch it back. This recipe requires a bit of preps, so have a couple of days in advance.


Combine the apple, sugar, tea and vinegar in a glass container, mix well and cover. Let it infuse overnight, up to 3 days. Strain the mixture through a sieve. The shrub is ready to use and keeps well in the fridge for up to 6 months.

Coat the rim of the flute in cinnamon and granulated sugar. Pour the chai 20ml of shrub and top it up with 80ml of soda water.

Chamomile Strawberry Tea-tail 

One tea-tail that will please the ones with a sweet tooth. A winning combination of sweet and fresh.


  • 10g of Chamomile Blossoms
  • 500ml of boiling water
  • Basil syrup
  • a cup of sliced strawberries
  • mint to garnish


Steep the chamomile blossoms in hot water for 30min. Allow to chill completely, add the syrup to the desired sweetness level; store in the fridge until ready to serve. Chill a martini glass with iced cubes for 5 min, discard. Arrange a couple of strawberry slices, pour the sweetened chamomile brew, garnish with mint.

Wild Yunnan Buds Grapefruit

This is herbaceous and fresh tea-tails, that has citrusy and earthy notes.


Steep the tea in water for 10min, discard the tea leaves, allow to cool down completely. Sweeten lightly with the thyme syrup. Place the grapefruit into the bottle (or glass you prefer to serve), a long stem of thyme and fill up with cold teas.

A side note on flavored syrup preparation. It couldn’t be easier.

Take one part of sugar and one part of water and bring it to a boil in a sauce pan. You can also sweeten the syrup with honey or agave. Add the desired herbs to the pan and let it infuse until it cools off. The herbs we used in the recipes above are basil and thyme. Play around with herbs you like, there are no rules.

We hope this got you inspired to play around with teas for tea-tails this seasons. Tag us @avantchatea #theadvanceoftea, we love seeing your posts.

Cheerful Festive Season!

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