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Is It Worth Buying Organic Jasmine Tea?

Absolutely. And here is why!

Native to the Himalayas, Jasmine flowers are considered sacred. According to Hindu legend, it is the flower of Kama, the god of love. The story goes that he would soak the tip of his arrow in Jasmine oil in order to ignite love. For this reason it is traditional to intertwine jasmine into bridal flowers at weddings.

Whilst Jasmine has a naturally beautiful scent, you must repeatedly use a large quantity of flowers in order to effectively infuse, for example, tea. For this reason most jasmine teas are made with non-organic flowers that have been enhanced to have a more potent scent. Or, god forbid, they forgo the flowers entirely and instead spritz the tea with artificial oils, much like when applying perfume. 

AVANTCHA’s Organic Jasmine Mao Jian is a 100% organic blend of Chinese green tea infused with the scent of natural, organic jasmine flowers. In order to create its characteristic, incredible aroma the tea goes through an extensive infusion process.

As the leaves dry they are covered in fresh jasmine flowers. In the evening the flowers open and infuse the tea with their delicate scent. Come morning, every flower is removed and the process starts again – this happens around 6-8 times for a good, strong infusion. Whilst this of course takes a long time and large quantities of flowers, the flavour of the tea is unparalleled.

Jasmine scenting of green tea. Source: https://hojotea.com

It also explains why you won’t find the jasmine blossoms themselves inside a pouch of high-quality jasmine tea. This laborious process is why it is hard to find organic jasmine tea but equally is why it is so worth making the extra effort.

Beyond being sacred and delicious, Jasmine tea is also renowned for its health benefits. Considered an aid for digestion, jasmine tea will often be served at the end of a meal to boost the metabolism. Furthermore, because it has a base of green tea which contains a large amount of the plant-based compound polyphenols, our Organic Jasmine Mao Jian is also bursting with anti-oxidants. These serve to protect against free radicals and improve the immune system. 

Our mission at AVANTCHA is not only to provide you with the best tea on the market but to share our knowledge and passion along the way. Get in touch and let us know what questions you have about tea, ingredients, sourcing and beyond – we want to answer them all! 

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