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It’s tea o’clock !

What teas are good for different times of day? Black tea for breakfast? And herbal tea for the evening? Although, it is a highly subjective matter, it all depends on your taste buds. Explore our Tea Clock for some fun tea flavors to keep you hydrated throughout the day.

Second only to water, tea is the most consumed drink in the world. There are literally tens of thousands of teas and it can sometimes be confusing to know when you are meant to drink them all. Below we have given you our AVANTCHA guide to help you figure out what times of day you should drink different types of tea. 

Teas for the Morning

The age old custom of drinking strong black tea in the morning is popular the world over from the UK to India and everywhere in between. We increasingly find that people are trying to cut down their caffeine consumption and swapping your morning coffee for a cup of tea is a great way to do this. When it comes to classic black teas you have an enormous selection to choose from. From Organic English Breakfast to Golden Assam and Organic Majestic Early Grey … the list goes on and on. Alternatively, Organic Matcha is a perfect way to start the day. High in anti-oxidants as well as caffeine, a cup of Matcha in the morning, either on its own or blended with milk, will give you the energy you need to start your day. 1 tsp is the equivalent of 10 cups of green tea, so we suggest this either first thing or just after lunch to ensure it doesn’t affect your sleep. 

Teas for the Afternoon

In the afternoon we suggest a green tea or oolong. Both are great for digestion and therefore are the perfect brew after lunch. To avoid the sluggish post meal feeling we recommend a green tea like an Organic Dragon Well or Organic Moroccan Mint or maybe our favourite Tie Guan Yin Oolong. Alternatively, you may prefer the earthy taste of Pu Erh. Renowned for its health benefits and superb for digestion, Pu Erh is a tea that is sure to sustain you and keep you focused throughout the afternoon.

Teas for the Evening

After dinner the best thing to drink is a calming botanical infusion. Although mint is great for the stomach and is very soothing, Chamomile, such as our Chamomile Blossoms or Chamomile Cooler, is the most popular right before bed. Chamomile’s soft honey like taste perfectly suits its ‘sleepy tea’ characteristics. It is very calming and may help to relieve the stresses of the day.

This is of course a very subjective guide and many people will have been brought up drinking green or black tea at all times of day. One thing we would add is that white tea, such as Organic White Peony or White Dragon Pearls have a low enough caffeine content that they can be consumed throughout the day and their high levels of anti-oxidants will ensure you are left feeling soothed and cleansed. 

Get in touch with our team of tea specialists if you would like to find out more about which teas best suit your schedule.

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