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Dragon Well Long Jing

Among the most famous of all green teas, Dragon Well Long Jing has been enjoyed for over 1500 years.

Statue of Lu Yu tea master of China at Mei Jia Wu tea plantation Long Jing area of Hangzhou, Zhejiang, People’s Republic of China

Like so many Chinese teas, Dragon Well Long Jing is steeped in mystery and legend. The story goes that Emperor Qing-Long visited a small tea garden in the West Lake area of Hangzhou. He adored the tea but while there he heard that his mother was ill and he had to return to his palace. Before leaving, Qing-Long picked some tea leaves which he brewed for his mother upon his return. Her recovery was thought to be a result of this delicious infusion and the 18 trees of the garden were granted the title of Imperial Tea Tree. These trees exist to this day and can be visited at the bottom of Shi Feng Mountain.

Regardless of your belief in such tales, Dragon Well Long Jing is undoubtably a legendary tea. Although all traditional Dragon Well comes from an area called West Lake, not all are of equal quality. The province of Zhejiang is where the finest green teas in China originate. This is why AVANTCHA’s Organic Dragon Well Long Jing comes from the small village of Mao Ping in the heart of Zhejiang province.

The quality of the tea can be judged by the colour and uniformity of its distinct, flat leaves.

Organic Dragon Well Long Jing in water

Organic Dragon Well Long Jing has a refreshing light aroma with a mouthwatering, nutty aftertaste. Its versatile flavour profile means you can enjoy it at all times of day – especially on its own or with salty dishes. It’s particularly delicious with creamy cheese, such as Brie, or a piece of white chocolate.

Let us know of any other myths and legends you have heard surrounding tea. Particularly in China there are an infinite number of fascinating tales.

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