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Festive Tea Pairings & Recipes

Luxury Tea Pairings with our Tea Lovers Gift Set

We designed our Tea Lovers Gift Set to have a choice of four different teas to suit different tastes, and also to complement those luxurious festive moments throughout the day. Here’s some inspiration…

Assam Breakfast Tea Pairing

At Dawn – Assam English Breakfast

On those early festive mornings, a good breakfast is in order. Our Assam English Breakfast is a single origin blend of tea leaves from across Assam’s finest tea gardens, creating a tea that is malty and biscuity, and assertive enough to wake you up. The robust flavour complements the richness of eggs yolks, or oily fish. Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs with a flourish of caviar it is, then.

Earl Grey Tea Pairing

At Noon – Majestic Earl Grey

You might not automatically consider it and yet Earl Grey tea pairs remarkably well with cheese. This early afternoon tea is delicious with soft goat’s cheese or a hard cheddar on account of the lemony-orange notes echoed in the natural bergamot essence used to flavour this tea. We call it ‘Majestic’ because, we believe, it’s the best Earl Grey out there, as well as being incredibly versatile.

At Dusk – Velvet Salted Caramel

This blend of black tea with velvety salted caramel, fruit, and warming spices is ideal alongside indulgent afternoon treats like a box of chocolates, a wedge of tiramisu, or any desserts with ginger or apples – a slice of German stollen, for example, or the traditional Christmas cake. Don’t forget the cream or custard for a lavish extra.

At Midnight – Midnight Chocolate Mint

We created this tea for stolen moments after dark when you’ve crept to the kitchen, or have stayed up late with the remaining dinner guests. This magical, minty tea is wonderful alongside a glass of Irish cream liqueur (if you drink), or with a secret scoop of vanilla ice cream. Anything naughty but nice, really.

Festive Tea Recipes – Simple Ideas

1) AVANTCHA Noel Mulled Beverages

The warming spices in our AVANTCHA Noel black tea are ideal for adding depth and character to winter beverages. Using our self filling tea bags, you can easily fill these with tea and add them to a simmering pan of apple juice, cider, or wine – infuse for up to ten minutes. Alternatively, you can also make a spicy-sweet syrup by infusing 15g of tea with 250ml boiling water and 250ml sugar and then add this to hot milk, or reduce the syrup until it is really thick and, once cooled, pour it over ice cream.

2) AVANTCHA Festive Tea Infused Chocolate Truffles

For this recipe, we chose our Midnight Chocolate Mint black tea purely on the basis that we could then also dust the truffles with a little candy cane for a little crunch. Find out how, with thanks to the Chocolatier Aneesh Popat for the recipe.

3) Organic Masala Spice Chai Tea Clementine Cake

This brilliant chai tea recipe – a clementine cake – was inspired by an original from Nigella Lawson, but takes the initiative of adding ground AVANTCHA Organic Masala Chai Tea to the ingredients to add a sweet, spicy and aromatic note. 

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