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Best Herbal Tea For…

Best Herbal Tea For…

We frequently get asked ‘is herbal tea good for you?’ and we answer the same way every time, which is ‘yes’. When it comes to the specific health benefits of herbal tea though, we believe that every individual is so unique, that it will vary from person to person as to how herbal tea will improve your health. 

Different herbal teas have been used as natural remedies for centuries and there has been much modern research in the area, providing some general conclusions, but we would advise that you simply drink the herbal tea that appeals to you and your mood the best. Herbal tea is hydrating and so varied that there’s something to suit every mood and occasion. Here’s our list of ‘Best Herbal Teas For…’  alongside recommendations to help you get started. If you have a specific health concern, do always speak with your doctor first. 

Best Herbal Tea for the Morning

Many people will reach for coffee in the morning to give them a caffeine hit. Caffeine is a sure-fire way to stimulate the body and mind, though many will limit their intake, or avoid it altogether. Either way, adding herbal tea into your morning routine can complement your coffee, or replace it entirely.  Here are three ideas for best herbal teas for the morning:

Rooibos Vanilla Earl Grey, with Jasmine Blossoms and French Lavender


If you’ve given up coffee or breakfast tea, rooibos herbal tea is a comforting way to transition. Our Organic Natural Rooibos has lovely long lengths of this South African plant, that have been fully oxidised, providing a dark, rich and sweet taste not too dissimilar from breakfast teas. You can add a touch of milk, if you like, or explore our full range of naturally flavoured rooibos teas for something fun. 

Feel Good – South American Mate Blend

Not ready to entirely give up caffeine but want to experience it in a calmer way? South American Mate naturally contains caffeine but has different compounds which means it releases into the blood stream in a gentler manner, so that you can feel focused and alert without the jitters. Our Feel Good blend combines mate, aniseed, Ceylon cinnamon pieces, limetree petals, melissa and liquorice root, as well as heather petals, ginger pieces, cloves, cardamom and a touch of vanilla. These ingredients carefully balance with each other to create a sweet, more-ish flavour that stirs the senses. 

Organic Hibiscus Flowers 

Hisbiscus Flowers are often enjoyed as an infusion in the evening because they are caffeine-free, though we enjoy our Organic Hibiscus Flowers tea in the morning because the colour, scent and taste are so bright and uplifting that they seem to suit this time of day better. Enjoy a hot infusion, or you might also like to try our recipe for Hibiscus Flower Iced Tea for a refreshing change. The use of hibiscus tea is broad, and can also be used as an ingredient in many sweet things such as cakes, jams and meringues. Hibiscus Tea is also good for adding colour and sharpness to tea cocktails. 

Our Organic Mint Duo – a blend of Nana Mint and Peppermint Tea

Best Herbal Tea For the Afternoon

For a lot of us, the afternoon is when we start to slow down, especially after a hearty lunch or afternoon snacks. Herbal teas are a wonderful choice here as they don’t contain caffeine (which will keep you awake at night if you drink too much) but have incredible qualities that can help you focus and feel eased. 

After Lunch 

Our After Lunch herbal tea explains what it’s for in the name, but the ingredients are a real delight to enjoy and include: Melissa, tulsi, apple pieces, licorice root, peppermint leaves, chamomille, fennel, caraway seeds, rosemary, marigold petals and natural vanilla essence. Each of these ingredients alone is excellent for digestion but together, they’re a delicious powerhouse. 

Herbal Chai 

If you’re a lover of chai spices, we have quite the collection of herbal chai teas including our Rooibos Masala Herbal Chai and our unique Cocoa Orange Masala Herbal Chai which blends natural orange peel with cocoa cores. After a heavy meal, the traditional spices within chai – cinnamon, cardamom, star anise and more – are helpful in easing digestion. 

Whole Leaf Peppermint 

A good, pure peppermint tea is a must in any herbal tea lover’s cupboard. Used for centuries in lots of different ways, peppermint tea is good for all those ailments that might arise after a hearty meal such as heartburn or acid reflux. Owing to its high menthol content, our Whole Leaf Peppermint Tea is incredibly refreshing, too. 

Our bestselling Ginger Tea blend

The Best Herbal Tea for the Evening

Somewhere between the end of dinner and bed is a great time to unwind with a herbal tea. Save the sleepy teas for bedtime, but use this moment to try something cleansing, warming and grounding to help slow down your mind and ease your body. 

For Refreshment – Botanical Reboot 

This refined herbal tea – our Botanical Reboot – is good for the evening as it has been blended with cleansing ingredients such as peppermint, caraway and fennel seeds, whole chamomile flowers and a little licorice root, leaving you feeling refreshed and calmed. 

Wild Mountain Mint Tea from the misty slopes of Armenia

For Feeling Grounded – Platinum Wild Mountain Mint 

Peppermint tea is good for sleep because it calms the body. This particular Wild Mountain Mint tea is especially evocative – grown slowly on misty mountains, which results in pronounced flavours and warming sage-like undertones. An incredibly grounding tea between dinner and bedtime. 

For Digestion – Organic Ginger Breeze

Our most popular organic herbal tea – this ginger tea is spicy, sweet and warming and makes an excellent post-meal beverage. A touch of black pepper helps you to absorb nutrients, while natural ginger pieces and lemongrass create a beautiful balance of sweetness and heat that’s incredibly comforting.

Whole Organic Chamomile Tea Blossoms

The Best Herbal Tea For Sleep

The best herbal tea for sleep has to be, you guessed it, our Organic Chamomile Blossoms. Ours is really high quality and filled with essential oil. While there is no concrete evidence that Chamomile definitely helps you sleep, we’ve all experienced its soothing magic and, if you believe it, it probably will help you drift off. Chamomile tea can also be used a lot in recipes (see our Chamomile Poached Apricots) and is also wonderful for skin. You can use cold chamomile teabags for puffy eyes, or even allow your infusion to cool and apply it as a toner to sensitive skin. 

Best Herbal Teas For Womens’ Health

Herbal Teas and Womens’ Health go hand in hand. What could be better than a beverage that is warm, full of goodness, bursting with aroma and helps gently hydrate the body? We take a closer look at teas that have been recommended for different ailments throughout history, or through research. 

For PMS 

Try our Chamomile Cooler, which is a blend of pure peppermint tea and chamomile flowers. The peppermint acts as a muscle relaxant, which chamomile is incredibly gentle and soothing. Rose Tea is also worth trying as rose has been shown to behave as an anti-inflammatory and is also incredibly calming. We have an enviably wide range of rose tea – from pure, whole rosebud tea to blends featuring buds and petals.

For Pregnancy 

For pre and post natal, you might want to stick to teas that have no caffeine. Chamomile tea for pregnancy is an obvious choice, but rooibos tea for pregnancy is a great idea too. You still get that lovely rich flavour similar to a breakfast tea, but with none of the caffeine. Try our Rooibos Vanilla Earl Grey as this has a touch of jasmine that can feel really rejuvenating. 

For Menopause  

Science has proven that lavender tea for menopause has amazingly cooling effects, which can be desirable  when you’re having a hot flush. The study asked participants to inhale lavender essential oil twice a day for twelve weeks, with really positive results. Our lavender teas and tea blends are made with Provence lavender, which are bursting with aroma and flavour, so you get the best of both worlds. Try our Lavender Tranquility before bed, or our French Lavender blossoms throughout the day. You can read more about Lavender Tea and Wellbeing on our journal, with expert commentary from a British aromatherapist.

Our French Lavender Blossoms Tea
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