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Wild natural chamomile fields for chamomile tea

Best Herbal Tea

The best herbal teas are those that prioritise natural ingredients that have been cultivated carefully. Picked and processed with minimum intervention, dried slowly to retain their essentials oils and inherent goodness. All AVANTCHA herbal teas are natural and pure, using herbs, flowers, fruit, roots and spices, and natural essence. Our innovative blends are one-of-a-kind flavour combinations, making our range one that is unrivalled in quality and taste. Explore this page for guidance through our herbal teas, or head straight to our online tea shop.

Herbal Tea: Flowers

There’s nothing like the soft, sweet and reassuring nature of flowers when it comes to relaxation. Slowly sprinkle our floral teas into a pot, watch as it brews, and decant to a steaming mug, blooming with natural perfume.

NEW Pink Rosebuds Tea >

Lavender Tranquility >

Organic Chamomile Flowers >

Herbal Tea: Fruit

Forget fake flavourings and get stuck into real, juicy fruit teas. Ours are a blend of natural fruit pieces, with flowers and herbs, for a cup packed with amazing aroma and really satisfying taste.

Rush Hour Berry >

Prickly Cactus Fig >

Apple Elderflower >

Whole Leaf Peppermint

Herbal Tea: Herbs

The herbs in our teas are dried slowly to retain as much essential oil as possible. Upon infusion, they impart their incredible fragrance and taste for lasting flavour and a truly invigorating experience.

Whole Leaf Peppermint >

Lemon Verbena and Lavender >

Organic Mint Duo >

How to Make Herbal Tea

While there are some basic rules for herbal tea, you can really take the time to learn how best you like to enjoy them. We recommend the following tips to start:

+ Use fresh, filtered water

+ Balance your tea to water ratio – start with the instructions and then decide how you prefer it

+ Using boiling water, infuse for three to five minutes, depending on how strong you like it

+ Decant fully

+ We would also recommend glass tea ware so you can fully appreciate and admire the infusion as you wait

+ Our Self Filling Cornfibre Tea Bags are great for making loose leaf more convenient, too

Organic Herbal Loose Tea Set

Herbal Tea: Gifts

Don’t keep our teas a secret! A tea gift is such a generous one, as it continues to offer pleasure time and time again. Our Duo Sets are a great shout with different combinations of loose leaf teas such as Organic Ginger Breeze and Moroccan Mint.

Organic Duo Herbal Tea Caddy Set >

Herbal Tea: Roots & Seeds

As well as being delicious, herbal teas can often be of great health benefit, which is why we’re always looking for new and interesting ingredients, especially roots like liquorice and seeds like caraway.

Morning: Feel Good Herbal Tea >

Afternoon: After Lunch Herbal Tea >

Evening: Botanical Reboot Tea >

Ginger Tea Digestion Tea

Herbal Tea: Spices

Spices are also incredibly beneficial to our diet and wellbeing rituals. Throughout our blends you’ll find plenty of cinnamon, star anise, cardamon, saffron and more. Perfect for warming you on those cooler days.

Organic Ginger Breeze >

Rooibos Masala Chai >

Cocoa Orange Masala Chai >

Herbal Tea Recipes & Reading

Flowers, fruit, herbs, roots, seeds and spices are fantastic ingredients within their own right, so it follows that our herbal teas will also make beautiful additions to your culinary adventures, particularly for infusing creams, or for poaching fruit. Follow our examples below for inspiration.

Lavender Lemon Posset

A deliciously intense, creamy lemon dessert that can either be infused with our French Lavender Blossoms, or sprinkled with them to finish, or even candied in sugar for a little crunch. This Lavender Tea also makes a balanced pairing on the side.

Follow the Recipe

Chamomile Poached Apricots

Sharp, sweet apricots poached in Organic Chamomile Tea to add subtle floral notes. Reduce any remaining poaching liquid with cinnamon for a thick, sticky syrup.

Get More Tea Recipes

Best Herbal Tea For…

We’ve put together a comprehensive guide for all times of day, and all needs, to find the herbal tea, or teas, that’s right for you. From sleepy teas, to morning alternatives without caffeine, and more.

Read the Journal

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