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Chamomile Strawberry Iced Tea

Since the Ancient Egyptians, chamomile has been part of our diets and medicines. For hundreds of years we have used it for everything from aiding sleep to improving skin conditions. It is also naturally caffeine free, making it the go-to infusion when you want a cup of tea in the evenings.

However, while its benefits are well-known, we like to focus on its unique flavour and aroma. AVANTCHA’s Organic Chamomile Blossoms are sourced in Egypt, where they are slowly dried to maintain the purest aroma and flavour. The word ‘chamomile’ comes from the Greek ‘chamos’ and ‘milos’, literally translating as ‘ground apple’. The sweet, fruity flavour of chamomile makes it exceptionally versatile.

These little blooms of sunshine are the perfect addition to all kinds of drinks.

As the summer sets in we wanted to share one of our favourite iced tea recipes. You will find that the fresh basil and sweet strawberry perfectly compliment the earthy aroma of chamomile.

Make a big jug of this as you won’t want to stop after your first glass.

Chamomile & Strawberry Iced Tea – for those with a sweet tooth
-10g of Organic Chamomile Blossoms
– 500ml of boiling water
– Basil syrup (1 cup sugar, 1 cup hot water, 1 bunch basil. Leave until sugar has dissolved and basil has infused the syrup)
– a cup of sliced strawberries
– mint to garnish
-Steep the Organic Chamomile Blossoms in hot water for 30min.
-Once you have removed the chamomile blossoms from the brew, add squeeze strawberry juice or alternatively add chopped strawberries if you wish to enjoy your iced tea with real berry pieces.
– Allow to chill completely, add the syrup to the desired sweetness level. Store in the fridge until ready to serve.
– Chill a glass with ice cubes for 5 min, discard. Arrange a couple of strawberry slices, pour the sweetened chamomile brew, garnish with mint.

Have a look below at some more of our favourite chamomile recipes. The perfect summer infusions as the weather heats up!

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Source: bonappetit.com

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Source: halfbakedharvest.com

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Source: thefeedfeed.com

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Accessories that might come handy when brewing iced teas

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