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How to make Matcha Latte

Although a relatively recent addition to café menus around the world, Matcha has been enjoyed in Japan as long as tea itself.

What is Matcha?

Matcha powder is made by grinding young green tea leaves, known as Tencha, into a very fine powder. Before grinding, the entire the planation is shaded for 3-4 weeks before the harvest, thus producing more caffeine as well as the amino acid theanine, which creates its distinct sweet flavour. It also helps the leaves to develop a richer green colour.

Shading tencha tea farm in Uju

The general rule is that the more intensely green the powder, the higher quality the Matcha. 

Why is Matcha so expensive?

If you ever wonder why Matcha tends to have a higher price tag than other teas, you must consider that each leaf is deveined before grinding.

This, combined with the shading process, makes the processing of Matcha much lengthier and more expensive than for regular loose leaf teas.

We suggest enjoying Matcha in the morning especially if you are sensitive to caffeine.

One teaspoon of Matcha holds the same amount of anti-oxidants, digestive properties and caffeine as ten cups of green tea!

Have a look below at how we suggest you to whisk the perfect Matcha latte.

  1. Measure a teaspoon of Organic Matcha Cocktail Grade into your matcha bowl. Add around 100ml of warm water, be careful that the water is not boiling as this will burn the matcha and make it taste bitter. Using your bamboo matcha whisk, whisk the matcha until a light foam forms on top and all the matcha is dissolved. 

2. If you are making a hot latte, pour the warm milk over the whisked matcha. Although matcha is delicious with dairy milk, we recommend something lighter such as almond or oat milk which is less likely to mask the delicate flavour of the matcha. 

3. If you are making an iced latte, fill your favourite glass with ice and the milk of your choice. Pour the matcha over the top and watch the gorgeous colours combine. 

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