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How to: Make Rush Hour Berry Iced Tea

How to make Rush Hour Berry iced tea

A firm favourite amongst our customers, the Rush Hour Berry is the perfect brew to enjoy in this increasingly hot weather. High in anti-oxidants and packed full of vitamin C, Rush Hour Berry is made from a mix of berries blended with hibiscus and apple. It is a caffeine free infusion that can be enjoyed at all times of day and is delicious brewed hot or served over ice. Enjoy as part of your Iftar for a naturally sweet and refreshing break from the typically sugary Ramadan drinks.

Have a look at the recipe below to find out how we brew our famous Rush Hour Berry iced tea.

For 250ml Rush Hour Berry Iced Tea (although the whole household will want a glass so simply scale up the recipe to make as many glasses as you like) 


  • 6g Rush Hour Berry
  • 200ml boiling water
  • 150g ice
  • Syrup/sugar (optional)
  • Fruit and flowers for decoration (optional) If you want to really show off, stir in a pinch of edible gold dust – it swirls through the iced tea making it appear completely magical! 


  • Measure tea into your favourite AVANTCHA teapot and pour over 200ml boiling water.
Rush Hour Berry iced tea
  • Steep for 10 mins
  • Strain the tea into a glass filled with ice and fruit and flowers if using. Add sweetness to taste – we suggest adding a syrup as it will dissolve quicker than grains of sugar
Rush Hour Berry iced tea step 1
Rush Hour Berry iced tea step 2
Rush Hour Berry iced tea step 3

Special tip 1 – get ahead and brew Rush Hour Berry in a jug in the fridge overnight and simply strain the infusion when you are ready to drink it. Unlike tea leaves, the berries won’t go bitter if you leave them steeping for a long time, they will just get lovely, sweet and strong.

Special tip 2 – add bubbles for extra fun. We like to use the soda maker from our partners at Bubble Pro.

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