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Keemun Royal Mao Feng, Queen’s favorite tea

Keemun Moa Feng is China’s most premium black tea.

Black tea, also known as ‘red tea’, was discovered in China in the mid 17th century. The first black tea was Lapsang Souchong and it quickly gained popularity in the West. Similar to when green tea was discovered, black tea was initially very expensive and typically only drunk by the aristocracy. It became a favourite of European royals and has stayed that way every since. 

Keemun Royal Mao Feng, a legendary tobacco-like tea, comes from the Anhui Province and is often considered to be representative of the most superior black tea in China. The term ‘Mao Feng’ refers to the freestyle shape of the leaves. This tea is made from a long twisted leaf with fine tips, mao feng literally translates as ‘fur peak’.

The tea was first created in the 19th century and since has become popular for its complex aromas – it is said to even be a favorite of Queen Elizabeth’s. The characteristic slow withering and oxidation of Keemun Mao Feng creates wonderfully complex aromas and flavours of stone fruit, smoke and tobacco. Lower quality Keemun teas are often used as the base for blends of black tea such as Earl Grey or English Breakfast. However, Keemun Royal Mao Feng consists of full unbroken buds and young, tender leaves making this a lighter tea of superior quality and more aromatic than other Keemun black teas.

Steeping guide

Preference on how to brew tea is largely subjective but as a guide we suggest brewing Keemun Royal Mao Feng as follows:

  • 2g/1tsp of tea
  • 200ml water at 90-100 degrees
  • steep for 3 minutes
  • The complex flavour of this tea continue to reveal itself in later infusions so keep hold of your leaves so you can enjoy them for a second brew.

We urge you to experiment with your regular breakfast tea for this smoky blend – it works wonderfully with eggs and toast!

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