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Nationally treasured, Organic Moroccan Mint

Nationally treasured, loved worldwide, Moroccan Mint is a symbol of hospitality in the Arabic world.

Perhaps surprisingly, Morocco is one of the largest importers of Chinese green tea in the world. The huge quantity of Gunpowder green tea is used to create the famous Moroccan mint tea, also known as Maghrebi tea. Any time spent in Morocco is incomplete without sampling this popular infusion which has been a symbol of hospitality for hundreds of years.

Anyone who visited our Tea Bar knows that we put great emphasis on brewing teas in such a way that it does not become bitter. While traditional Moroccan tea is boiled for around 15 minutes, we take the Asian approach we infuse the leaves with 80-degree water for no more than 3 minutes. Thus the infusion is soft, refreshing and naturally sweet. 

Whilst in Morocco it is typical to drink nana mint (spearmint), in other parts of the world peppermint is the more popular option. Although very similar, peppermint contains much more menthol than spearmint and as such has a more intensely ‘minty’ flavour. 

Benefits of drinking mint tea

More than a cultural sign of hospitality, mint teas are enjoyed around the world for their refreshing flavor and soothing benefits. Regardless of which type you choose, mint is particularly good for boosting digestion and easing muscle pains that contribute to indigestion.  Due to the fact it contains menthol, a common decongestant, it is the perfect brew if you have a cold and are feeling under the weather.

Our tea blends with mint

In fact, mint teas are so popular that AVANTCHA has three variations of it:

Our classic Organic Moroccan Mint, organic green tea with organic spearmint

Organic Peppermint Tonic, organic green tea blended with organic peppermint, for those who like their mint extra strong and the new

and the newest Organic Mint Duo, for those who want a caffeine free option that they can drink throughout the evening.

Brew a pot of mint tea to enjoy after your Iftar. We have found that it is the perfect way to soothe the stomach after enjoying a feast with those closest to you.

Worth to try – your favourite AVANTCHA mint tea with ice, lemon and a dash of syrup for a healthy, refreshing Ramadan iced tea.  

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