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Blooming Tea Collection

Say “I love you” this Valentine’s Day with this spectacular collection of Blooming Tea

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Product Description

Vibrant flowers and fresh silver needle tea artistically hand-sewn into flowering balls. Chinese artisans in the province Fujian create these blooming tea sensations. Once in touch with water the flowers elegantly unfold and create a fresh and floral taste.

12 Tea Flowers are packed into an elegant hand made treasure box.

Contents of the gift box:

Rose Couple – 4 blooms

Sweetheart – 4 blooms

Peach Camellia – 4 blooms

A tall glass such as the Double Wall Glass 400ml is recommended to achieve the best effect.

Ingredients: White Tea, Jasmine Flowers, Rose Buds, Marigold Flower, Globe Amaranth Flowers, Camellia Sinensis, Peach Flavouring,

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AVANTCHA | Blooming Tea | Rose Couple

Steep Time

until unfolds

Water Temp



One Bulb per cup