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Zhenq Qi Wellness

TCM?Inspired Tea Wellness Tour

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?? zh?ng q??in TCM-?healthy environment, healthy atmosphere,?righteousness, vital energy?

Take care of yourself by starting the year with a rejuvenating 2 week teatox tour. Our Tea Sommelier created special cleansing tea collections for this time of the year. Your Zheng Qi Wellness box consists of AVANTCHA? Pu Erh Masala and AVANTCHA? Organic Ginger Breeze loose leaf tea.

Morning cup

Pu Erh Masala | 50 g | 25 cups

Kick start your morning with Chinas best kept secret, aged Pu Erh tea, blended with fennel, cardamom, ginger and licorice root this soothing blend with just enough caffeine to increase your focus without a crash.

Evening cup

Organic Ginger Breeze | 70 g | 35 cups

Detoxify while you sleep, this organic blend of ginger, lemongrass, pepper and soothing licorice will work to strengthen your body in the night.

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