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  • Crafted Iced Tea Blends – Healthy into the summer!

    Crafted Iced Tea Blends – Healthy into the summer!

    Introducing new heart crafted tea blends to celebrate the International Iced Tea Month, a healthier choice than sugary fruit juices The low calorie, zero sugar and abundant antioxidant benefits of iced tea offers a refreshingly healthy alternative to some fruit juices and sodas; re-evaluation of daily sugar intake required after dramatic rise of type 2 […]

  • Ramadan Gifting

    Ramadan Gifting

    The Holy month of Ramadan, the ninth month in the lunar calendar, is the most important time in the Muslim year. It is the time of spiritual awakening, self-evaluation and remembrance of Allah, which Muslims observe through fasting and prayer. Ramadan teaches Muslims self-discipline, humility and giving.