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Tea Tasting with Tea Flavour Wheel

We are constantly sampling new teas to ensure that we are providing the best for our lovely customers. A good tea is like a fine wine; the flavours vary from harvest to harvest, depending on climate, ‘terroir’, exposure to sun and so on.

Testing new teas for the color, aroma, feel and taste.

At times, during these tea tastings we are simply lost for words. This is where the Tea Aroma Wheel comes in handy. Similar to that used for coffee, wine, cheese and almost all other delicious things, the aroma wheel points us in the right direction when we are left speechless by a tasty brew. 

ITMA Tea Aroma Wheel

The Aroma Wheel is crucial to help describe the complexity of flavour in teas and botanicals. It helps us to articulate if a green tea is particularly grassy rather than vegetal or if a black tea has more muscatel notes rather than notes of tobacco. The flavour variance between teas is vast but sometimes when comparing a range of teas of a similar type it is important to use these words to clearly distinguish one from the other. 

You may have noticed by now that on the front of all of the AVANTCHA packaging is a description of the tea inside.

Our team are always here to guide you and love to share their knowledge. If you are overwhelmed by the choice of tea on offer let us know what kind of flavours you typically enjoy and we can point you in the right direction. 

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