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What are the biodegradable teabags made of?

Although we love the ceremony of brewing a pot of loose leaf tea, we appreciate that you all have busy lives and sometimes a teabag is the more practical choice. Yet typically teabags are considered environmentally unfriendly. Balancing our habits and busy lives with concerns for the environment can be difficult but AVANTCHA is focused on making the highest quality tea as accessible as possible. This is why we created our range of Silk Biodegradable teabags

We have created a bag that contains the exact same quality of tea as you find in our loose leaf selection and is made from environmentally friendly materials. Win win!

How did we do that?

By using cornstarch. The resin created by corn, known as PLA, can be used in remarkably similar ways to plastic yet uses 65% less energy to produce and generates 68% fewer greenhouse gasses, according to NatureWorks USA. Moreover, PLA does not contain any toxins. We want to know that when we are enjoying a cup of tea, it is only the tea and all its goodness that we are drinking. And in case you were wondering, we seal the teabags with heat meaning there is no glue going into your favourite brew. This makes our teabags, in the right conditions, compostable. They eventually will turn into nothing but carbon dioxide and water. 

We all feel a lot of responsibility in our daily lives – don’t let your favourite cup of tea be another thing to worry about. Making effective packaging out of non plastic material is a huge step forward and in a time when the planet feels particularly fragile, we need to be making as many positive changes as we can. Get in touch to let us know how else you are making steps towards an eco-friendly future.

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