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Post Fermented Pu Erh

Pu Erh is the least known of all the tea types but arguably the most fascinating. A “post fermented” tea, Pu Erh is produced in Yunnan where the mild climate creates the perfect conditions for growing excellent tea.

History of Pu Erh

Like many of the great things in life, Pu Erh came to being by accident. Hundreds, even thousands of years ago the region of Yunnan in China began producing Pu Erh. These teas became popular in places such as Tibet but the journey to reach these more remote areas was long and difficult. As a result, merchants would compress the tea leaves into ‘bricks’ to make them easier to transport. During the journey the bricks were exposed to moisture which resulted in natural fermentation. Instead of becoming undrinkable, the tea developed a delicious earthy flavour that has remained popular to this day. It was also discovered that in places such as Tibet where the diet was very meat based, Pu Erh proved an excellent aid for digestion.

AVANTCHA Organic King of Pu Erh

Still to this day Pu Erh is typically drunk after a meal due to its renowned digestive properties. Yet only relatively recently has the magic of Pu Erh become realised outside of China.

AVANTCHA stocks a wide range of Pu Erh – both single origin and blended infusions. Although the flavours vary, Pu Erh has very low astringency making each infusion soft and gentle to drink.

Golden Pu Erh is a wonderful introduction to those unfamiliar with this category of tea. The flavour is softer than the Organic King of Pu Erh and the after taste is light and mellow.

However, Organic King of Pu Erh has an utterly unique flavour. Vibrant, earthy and completely organic, Organic King of Pu Erh is a must for those who prefer bolder flavours.

The two blends, Pu Erh Masala and Vanilla Pu Erh, are the perfect choice for those who enjoy a sweeter taste and are also a great introduction to the world of Pu Erh. Delicious with deserts or after a meal, these aromatic infusions are perfect both hot and cold.

How to brew Pu Erh?

For the perfect cup of Pu Erh:

(for a 1 cup)

2g Pu Erh

200ml boiling water

Brew for 3 minutes before removing the leaves.

AVANTHCHA Tea Tip : do not throw away your Pu Erh leaves straight away, they will be delicious for the 3rd and even 4th infusion.

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