Assam English Breakfast Silk Teabags

Single Origin Breakfast Tea – Rich, Malty and Assertive with Sweet, Biscuity Character

$24 - 87

These silk, biodegradable teabags are filled with our single origin Assam English Breakfast Tea – a black tea – which has been blended from tea gardens across the region, offering flavoursome full leaf teas that impart that familiar, reassuring taste of breakfast tea. Assam cultivates black teas with strong, malty assertiveness with undertones of dried fruit, biscuit and a touch of golden honey. Our blend is composed of GBOP grade broken leaf, meaning lots of quality, high grade buds and tips, as well as CTC which helps deepen the flavour of this robust tea. Our Assam English Breakfast Tea is designed to at once stir your senses in the morning and fortify you for the day ahead.

A blend of black teas from Assam, India
Malty Assertiveness, Dried Fruit, Biscuit
Assam, India
Steep Time
3 - 5 min
Water Temp
1 teabag