Organic English Breakfast Silk Teabags

A Fine Blend of Assam and Chinese Yunnan Black Tea

$24 - 87

A delicate and refined Organic English Breakfast black tea, blended to be enjoyed without milk so that you can enjoy the nuances in taste that this tea offers, with the comforting, malty familiarity of breakfast tea. To create this special blend, we have used full leaf black teas from Assam and Yunnan. Assam offers that rich malty flavour and Yunnan imparts a plum-sweetness. Lively, refreshing, and aromatic, it’s the perfect tea to gently greet a new day, paired with a light pastry or fruit.

Each Organic English Breakfast teabag (bio silk) contains 3g loose leaf tea.

Organic black tea
India, China
Steep Time
3 - 5 min
Water Temp
1 teabag