Organic Royal Keemun

Famous Chinese Tea with Clear Character of Cocoa, Flowers and Nuts

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An organic example of this legendary Chinese black tea from Qimen County in Anhui. This tea is cultivated in diverse tea gardens surrounded by forests that line the valleys, with a cool climate that encourages slow growth. Keemun Black Tea has been produced for nearly 150 years and is handpicked in spring before summer rains arrive. 

Only the finest buds and two leaves are picked. ‘Mao Feng’ means ‘furry peaks’ and is a reference to the tip-shape of the buds, and the soft hairs that cover them. Slow withering, rolling, and oxidising the leaves help keep the infusion’s complex floral and mineral aromas, as well as some ripe, fruity undertones. 

Expect a warming orchid fragrance underpinned by smooth cocoa and nuts, and flavours of tobacco and wine-fruit. This tea also imparts a rousing, and lingering feeling of comfort, making it an excellent choice to start the day with. Why not pair it with a freshly cooked omelette and mushrooms?

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organic black tea
Smoky Cocoa, Tobacco and Wine-Fruit
Anhui County, China