Yellow Tea Buds

Mellow with Notes of Soft Meringue, White Grapes and Violet Undertones 

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An incredibly rare and precious yellow tea from the south west region of Guizhou, China. Yellow Teas are scarce as a result of so few modern tea masters having the know-how on how to produce it- it is an ancient, dying art. While Guizhou might not have the same fame as other tea-producing regions, it quietly creates some of the finest teas in China, developing and refining its own unique production methods in isolation.  

This particular yellow tea is picked Pre-Qing Ming at an average altitude of 1694 metres in a mild and pleasant climate within a garden that follows organic principles. The tea is composed of carefully hand-plucked buds rich with amino acids present in the tea bushes after a long winter of rest. Unusually, yellow teas can often have a long withering process and are micro fermented – a stage also called ‘yellowing’ which sees the leaves being smothered with canvas sheets while they are still warm from pan frying. The mysterious process has many layers and is highly skilled creating deeply complex teas. This particular tea is managed by tea master Zhengwen Yang. 

Our Yellow Tea Buds are small, light pins covered in young, downy hairs, producing a light yellow, almost oily infusion with aromas of sour plum and fermented citrus. The mouth feel is coating, offering a lively sensation followed by mellow flavours of soft meringue, white grapes and subtle violet undertones. Over multiple infusions, the infusion grows deeper in colour and reveals a raisin-like sweetness and cucumber high notes. A wonderfully experiential and surprising tea! 

Net Weight: 50g
Meringue, Grape and Violet Flowers
Guizhou, China